ETL Approved 120V Line Voltage Flexible Ribbon Led Strip (Waterproof)

Recommended Dimmer: Lutron's Lumea LGCL-153PL
To be Used with: TRACK12-N

Product Features:
Wattage: 14.4W per meter (4.4W per foot)
Number of LEDs: 120 LEDs per meter
Length: 50 meters per roll (164ft)
Width and Height of Strip: W: 14mm (0.55 inches), H: 7mm (0.28 inches)
LEDs per Cutting Unit: 40 LEDs
Cuttable Unit Length: Every 0.33 meters (1.08ft)
Waterproof Index: IP67
LED Life Time: 50,000 Hours
Storage Temperature: 0C - +60C
Operating Temperature: -20C - +45C
Warranty: Two-year Warranty
Approval: ETL

Product Information:
Model No:                                   Light Color:                         Color Temp:                         Lumens (lm / m):
ETL-STRIP-120V-WW-27          Warm White                             2700K                                       715 lm
ETL-STRIP-120V-WW               Warm White                             3000K                                       750 lm
ETL-STRIP-120V-NW               Neutral White                            4000K                                       800 lm
ETL-STRIP-120V-W                   Cool White                               6000K                                       890 lm
ETL-STRIP-120V-RD                  Red Color                          620nm - 630nm                               840 lm
ETL-STRIP-120V-YL                Yellow Color                        585nm - 595nm                              840 lm
ETL-STRIP-120V-BL                   Blue Color                         465nm - 475nm                              850 lm
ETL-STRIP-120V-GR                Green Color                         515nm - 525nm                              840 lm
ETL-STRIP-120V-RGB           Changing Colors                            N/A                                           N/A

Ribbon Accessories:
ETL-STRIP-120V-CONT: 120V RGB Controller: IR Line of Sight
ETL-STRIP-120V-JC-RGB: 120V RGB Joiner to Controller Cord
FL-STRIP-120V-CONN 1: 120V RGB Ribbon to Ribbon Connector
FL-STRIP-120V-END 1: 120V RGB End Cap
FL-STRIP-120V-CORN 1: 120V RGB Corner Connector
FL-STRIP-120V-CLIP: 120V Clip for Strip RGB and Single Color
FL-STRIP-120V-PCORD: 120V Single Color Power Cord with Plug and Rectifier
FL-STRIP-120V-CONN 2: 120V Single Color Ribbon to Ribbon Connector
FL-STRIP-120V-END 2: 120V Single Color End Cap
FL-STRIP-120V-CORN 2: 120V Single Color Corner Connector

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