LED Panel Light: FL3C

FL3C-LED-Panel-Front FL3C-LED-Panel-Back
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The unique design of the LED panel lamp makes the entire surface of the light get an equal and uniform illumination. Due to its green energy design, it has a smooth outside appearance and low-power consumption. All materials used are environment friendly and performs much better than a Grille lamp light on lighting efficiency and brightness. This unit is a great substitute for Grille lights using T8 fluorescent tubes. The lifespan of these LED panel lamps are 10 times of the traditional tube lights using only half the power consumption. Our constant voltage panel lights work with our 12V DC drivers and can be used with Lutron's DIVA series dimmers.

Three Dimensions Available: FL3C04, FL3C06, FL3C08
Rating: IC Recessed, Class 2

Reference Name: FL3C04-WW (Warm White), FL3C04-NW (Neutral White)
Dimensions: DIA: 4 3/4" x Thickness: 1"
Cutout: 4 1/4"
Power: 8W
Temp: 2800-3200K (WW), 4000-4500K (NW)
Luminous Flux (Lm):220 (WW), 250 (NW)
Illuminance (lux at meter-distance): 1M 118 / 3M 25 / 5M 11

Reference Name: FL3C06-WW (Warm White), FL3C06-NW (Neutral White)
Dimensions: DIA: 6 3/4" x Thickness: 1"
Cutout: 6 3/8"
Power: 14W
Temp: 2800-3200K (WW), 4000-4500K (NW)
Luminous Flux (Lm): 430 (WW), 480 (NW)
Illuminance (lux at meter-distance): 1M 192 / 3M 49 / 5M 23

Reference Name: FL3C08-WW (Warm White), FL3C08-NW (Neutral White)
Dimensions: DIA: 8 3/4" x Thickness: 1"
Cutout: 8 1/4"
Power: 18W
Temp: 2800-3200K (WW), 4000-4500K (NW)
Luminous Flux (Lm) 790 (WW), 860 (NW)
Illuminance (lux at meter-distance): 1M 580 / 3M 168 / 5M 72

Each LED Panel Light comes with a 5ft wire with connector. If a longer wire is required, we have a 50ft wire available (Part# FL3C-WIRE).

To be used with the following drivers: