Courtesy Lights>>MUL9/10/11


Finally getting what you pay for becomes a reality!
Whenever you are building a new boat or just tired of spending valuable time and money replacing your existing low quality courtesy lights, our unique product line is the perfect solution for you.  Unlike anything else on the market today, our lights are machined out of 316L Stainless Steel or 5086 Marine Grade Aluminum for durability and their unique design ensures that they are 100% water tight once installed.

Add some flare to your boat with colored LEDs!
Models 9, 10, and 11 are fitted with quality long life, bright LEDs available in six exiting colors, including: Bight White, Blue, Green, Orange, and Soft White.

  • CNC-machined using the finest marine grade materials.
  • Polished 316L Stainless Steel, Powder Coated 5086 Aluminum or Gold/Chrome Plated Available.
  • Rust and Corrosion Proof.
  • 100% Watertight.
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant.
  • Made in the USA.

    MUL9 – 0.86” / 22mm Thick x 3.25” / 83mm DIA
    MUL10 – 0.80” / 20mm Thick x 2.60” / 67mm DIA
    MUL11 – 0.70” / 18mm Thick x 2” / 50mm DIA