• Transformer

  • Dimmable with any LV magnetic dimmer as long as you cover dimmer's min load.
    Temperature class B(130C)
    Input leads are 18AWG 600V
    Output leads are 18AWG 300V
    Leads max. operational temperature is 105C
    Thermal self reset primary breaker 1.25A
    Thermal self reset secondary breaker 5A

  • Housing

  • The actual transformer 60W is encapsulated in the enclosure
    The enclosure is Black Powder Coated Steel, NEMA 3R rated
    Wiring compartment has 5 knockouts sizes for 3/8 inch screw cable connectors
    Enclosure Temperature does not exceed 75C at 45C ambient and fully loaded
    Dimensions (inch): H = 8.13, W = 3.93, D = 1.59
    Weight (LBs): 0.4

  • Electrical Parameters

  • Input Voltage: 120V 60Hz
    Max. input current at full load: 0.6A
    Output voltage without load: 13.5VDC
    Output voltage fully loaded: 11.5VDC
    Max. Total Wattage: 60W
    Max. Output Current: 5A
    Efficiency: 85%