LED Waterproof Klik Lighting System

Our new LED Klik system comes with the LED modules, a track and small covers. The wires between the led modules can be hidden by the cover perfectly. It's most common uses include decorative lighting on edges of a building, store-front frames, tray ceiling lighting and under cabinet lighting. Its great design make installations a breeze. By using our "LED KLIK Lighting System" you will uniquely advertise your building and business!

Part Numbers (White tracks available soon):
FL-KLIK-BK-W: Black Track, Pure White 4000-5000K
FL-KLIK-WH-RGB: White Track, Color Changing (Requires its own RGB Controller to operate)
FL-KLIK-RGB-CONT: RGB Controller for Chasing Color (can control 300 modules)

Single Colors (with black tracks) Available Through Special Orders: Contact factory for availability
FL-KLIK-BK-RD: Black Track, Red
FL-KLIK-BK-YL: Black Track, Yellow
FL-KLIK-BK-BL: Black Track, Blue
FL-KLIK-BK-GR: Black Track, Green

Specifications Per System:
Input Power: 0.72W/module (14.4 per 10ft system)
Track Dimensions (LxWxH): 39 * 3/4 * 1/2 (inches) / Each System comes with 3 tracks
Length of LED modules: 10 ft (20 modules per system)
Number of Track Covers: 18 pcs per system
Housing: Plastic track and cover

Easy Three Step Installation:
1. Stick the track on the edge of the window
2. Snap the led modules inside the track
3. Snap the cover to the track and cover the wires