ETL-RBL2 - XX ( Flexible Ribbon Led Strip 2-Lines, Non-Waterproof)

Reference Number: ETL-RBL2 - XX (Flexible Ribbon Led Strip 2-Lines, Non-Waterproof)


  • ETL-RBL2 features 2 line high bightness 3528 SMD Led's on a 16mm (5/8") wide PC board. This roll is ETL Approved
  • Input 24V DC
  • Dimmable
  • 98 Watts per 5 meter Roll (16.25') - 6 Watt per foot
  • 1200 pcs of SMD 3528 per Roll (5 meter / 16.25')
  • Lumen Output:8400 M Per Roll (500 LM Per Foot)
  • Colors available: ETL-RBL2-WW, (Warm White 3000K), ETL-RBL2-NW (Neutral White 4000K), ETL-RBL2-W (Coll White 6000K)
    Special Order Colors: Yellow (ETL-RBL2-YL), Green (ETL-RBL2-GR), Blue (ETL-RBL2-BL), and Red (ETL-RBL2-RD)
  • Cuttable: Every 6 Led's (50mm / 1 15/16")


    Product Dimensions

    LED drivers available for this ribbon:

    Dimmable Magnetic:

    Dimmable Electronic:

    Possible applications with ETL-RBL2

  • Cove lighting
  • Architectural lights for canopy, corridor, window, archway
  • Backlight or edge lighting for signage
  • DIY lights for home use- Path and contour marking
  • Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition

  • Assembly Information

  • Solder connection should only be performed on designated solder pads.
  • During soldering, don't exceed the maximum soldering time of 10 seconds and the maximum soldering temperature of 260 Celsius degrees.
  • The smallest unit (50mm - 6 LEDs) can be removed by cutting with scissors between the designated solder pads.
  • The mounting of the strip is facilitated by means of the double-sided adhesive on the back-surface of the strip.
  • Care must be taken to provide a clean and dry mounting surface, free of oils or silicone coatings as well as dirt partide.
  • The mounting substrate must have sufficient structural integrity. Take care to completely remove the adhesive backing.
  • Once the strip is appropriately positioned, press on the strip with about 20N/cm2 (refer to ap-plication techniques of 3M adhesive transfer tapes).
  • The minimum bending radius is 2 cm. The strip may be bent over a smaller radius of the circuit board contain-ing no electronic components and such bends should be made once and fixed in position to avoid cyclic fatigue.

  • Safety Information

  • The strip itself and all its components may not be mechanically stressed.
  • Assembly must not damage or destroy conducting paths on the circuit board.
  • Installation of LED ribbon (with power supplies) needs to be made with regard to all applicable electrical and safety standards. Only qualified personnel should be allowed to perform installations.
  • Correct electrical polarity needs to be observed. Wrong polarity may destroy the strip.
  • Parallel connection is highly recommended as safe electrical operation mode.
  • Serial connection is not recommended. Unbalanced voltage drop can cause hazardous overload and damage the strip.
  • Please ensure that the power supply is of adapters power to operate the total load.
  • When mounting on metallic or otherwise conductive surfaces, there needs to be an electrical isolation points between strip and the mounting surface.
  • Pay attention to standard ESD precautions when installing the strip.
  • Damaged by corrosion will not be honored as a materials defect claim. It is the user's responsibility to provide suitable protection against corrosive agents such as moisture and condensation and other harmful elements.